You Haven’t Said a Word – for cello quartet (2016)

I’ve been working on a new project for a while, under the name Marcus Norris Orchestra. The project will be an orchestral neo-soul fusion, featuring 3 songs and one instrumental work.

I’m happy to share that instrumental work, “You Haven’t Said a Word”, which I recently won 1st prize in the Southeastern Composers League competition. This piece is expected to be premiered by live cello quartet this November in Havana, Cuba.

Listen to the piece on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Youtube, or any other major retailer at this Link.


If you are a person who reads the credits, like me…

  • Cello I and IV – Wendy Cotton
  • Cello II and III – Tim Archbold
  • Recording – Brad Showalter & Dan Nichols at Kiwi Audio in Batavia, IL.
  • Mixed by Dan Nichols.
  • Cover art by Jonatas Chimen

$outh $ide $ound

New Label! I’ll be moving to LA this fall, thanks to winning the Cota-Robles fellowship. Starting a label will allow me to put me and my music creating friends in a position to make more lucrative business moves with our music. More on that later…


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